Masterclass : Principles of Melody and Lyrics

Masterclass: Principles of Melody and Lyrics

Partner: Ocean Butterflies


Sat, 20 Jul 2019


10.00am to 12.00pm


*SCAPE, Arena (inside Mediahub), Level 5


Masterclass Outline

Participants will learn the fundamentals of melody composition and lyrics writing and enhance music appreciation skills by learning the different story telling techniques used in music composition. This is an introductory masterclass and will be conducted in Mandarin.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is aspiring to learn more about the wonders of pop music composition, and how to transform a simple song idea into a full professional demo.


Wilson Tan 陈炯顺



其中发表作品有《放心不下》- 黄小虎、《今天你最漂亮》- 罗志祥、《月光手札》 – S.H.E. 等。

其中制作品有《她说》专辑 – 林俊杰 (制作、统筹)、《100天》专辑 – 林俊杰 (制作)、《90’ 闹NOW》专辑 – BY2 (制作、统筹)等。

其中编曲作品有《一眼万年》 – 林俊杰、《心墙》- 林俊杰、《妈妈的娜鲁娃》- 林俊杰 等。


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