ANNOUNCEMENT ON eBUSKING: Please be informed that BUSKING@*SCAPE will be suspended until 1 June 2020. This is to support MOH’s Circuit Breaker measures, in order to reduce community transmission of COVID-19.  The period of suspension may be extended, depending on how the situation develops. *SCAPE will continue via eBUSKING on SCAPEsg Facebook every Saturday. If you are keen to participate, you may still register your interest via our form.


Registration process:

  1. Reserve your preferred timeslot(s) online to sign up for available timeslot(s).
  2. Auditions not required.
  3. You are required to obtain parental consent if you are below 18 years of age. A form will be sent to you via email.
  4. Please note that during the Circuit Breaker period, due to the technical complexity of streaming, the eBUSKING intiative will only allow solo buskers to perform at one time.

How will you be supported?

  1. Publicity and marketing support via *SCAPE’s digital assets and social media channels.
  2. Busking opportunities via *SCAPE events.
  3. Network and pick up tips from peers and industry experts via busking101 workshops, clinics and masterclasses.
  1. Band Name (you may use your own name if you are busking individually)*

  2. Social Media Handle

  3. What is the nature of your act? (e.g. Music, Dance, Magic, Circus)*

  4. Are you an endorsed busker?

  5. Do you own equipment to support music live streaming?*

  6. Which timeslot are you interested in?*

  7. Have you read the Terms and Conditions?*

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